Lyta’s baby mama Kemi Ayorinde has called him out again for being a deadbeat father just a few months after they reconciled and enjoyed one other’s company for the past seven months.

Lyta had been chastised by Kemi Ayorinde for a long time until he decided to reconnect with his family, at which point she blasted us with their happy-go-lucky videos showing how great Lyta is doing with their son.

Kemi had previously chastised the musician for only doing the bare minimum to support their child, accusing him of infecting her and their child with an STD.

Despite reconciliation and the series of romantic moments that followed, Kemi, once again took to her Instagram story to drag Lyta to filth.

According to Kemi Ayorinde, she nearly committed suicide in the first week of this year because she believed she had failed her child, but she can’t force Lyta to be a good father and prioritize their child in everything they do.

“You can’t force a man to be a father You can’t force a man to put his child first Woke up on a random morning and decided to walk away…
Never looked back since.
To think I almost took my own life the first week of this year cause I felt like I had failed my child l000l…
Posting and showing your child off on the gram but how many times do I have to text you to call him and let him talk to you,” she wrote.

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