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A lady who happened to be in the educational institution where Mercy Johnson confronted a teacher she claims always bullies her daughter because of her status, has given a different narrative of the whole confrontation.

Mercy Johnson had earlier taken to her IG page to reveal her displeasure over the fact that a teacher in her daughter, Purity’s school consistently bullies her because she’s the child of a celebrity. See here

Mercy, in a quite lengthy read, revealed that she eventually confronted the said teacher and in course of this, the teacher showed that it to her (Mercy) face that she indeed despises the actress and threatened to continue to discipline her daughter. Taking action against the teacher, Mercy revealed that she reported the case to the school’s authorities and will ensure that she sees justice prevail.

Well, in a new development, a lady who claims to be present on the fateful day of the confrontation, has in a post on social media given a far different narrative of the event on her page. According to this lady, Mercy’s approach is far different from what she narrated in her post.

The lady, identified with handle, @thenancychidera took to her page to reveal that the actress wasn’t in any way polite to the said teacher when she confronted her. She shared that incident that led to the actress’ daughter being disciplined was over the fact that the lass had twisted the arm of another pupil and so, was asked to apologize for her misdemeanor, which she refused to do.

@thenancychidera had hours before Mercy’s post, first given a full breakdown of all that happened in a bid to out the actress she says acts like a demigod. According to her, in course of the confrontation, the actress called her husband who brought three able-bodied men to beat up the teacher.

@thenancychidera also revealed that the said teacher Mercy said bullies her child is actually the deputy head teacher of the school, thereby countering the actress’ claim that she reported to the “deputy head teacher” because the “head teacher” wasn’t around.

Read the lengthy post @thenancychidera shared on her page,

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