A Nigerian lady who uses the handle @Sisi Yemmie on Twitter has recounted a horrifying story about a mom who poisoned her daughter to death in order to impress her new husband.
Sisi Yemmie claims a man revealed the frightening story on the radio, claiming that his mother murdered his sister because his stepfather favored her and was constantly moaning..

The boy also disclosed that his mother admitted to carrying out the crime.

Sisi Yemmie who shared the story bemoaned the weird things individuals do in the name of saving their marriage.

The tweet reads:

”I just heard this guy on the radio say his mom killed his sister because his step father did not like his sister & was always complaining. So his mom poisoned her. You killed your child for a man???!!!

The mother confessed to her son later, so it’s confirmed gist. That she had to kill the girl cos her husband was stressing her so much over the girl staying with them.

Because the things people do in /for/ because of marriage dey scary.

“Save marriage” “save marriage”… is marriage the road to heaven???”

See the tweet below:

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