Who is Bobrisky’s husband? Fans are asking this huge question after Okuneye Idris aka Bobrisky was spotted with an improbably baby bump!

A new photo of Bobrisky looking pregnant, of all things, has popped up on social media!

The photo was seemingly uploaded by the popular Nigerian transgender celebrity, his latest attempt to complete his fantastical transition from man to woman!

Bobrisky always claims to be able to do things women do even though we know he can’t – he’s claimed to have had a period in the past!

That’s biologically impossible but Bob does anything for clout and has claimed that!

If he can have an imaginary period, why not an imaginary pregnancy?

The photo of pregnant Bob showed up on social media and generated hilarious responses from netizens.

One fan said:“Forcing Soo much to be a woman,”

Another said:“Anytime the spotlight shifts from her, shim most definitely will create something for people to talk about. Cloutino is shim’s middle name,”

Amidst all this we’re still waiting for the biggest answer – if Bobrisky is pregnant, who is his/her husband?
We live to see.

Check the photo below…

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