Martha Wanjiku from Njoro has painfully narrated how her biological mother started sleeping with her husband for 15 years after she left her marriage.

According to Martha her mother had left her in the care of her relatives as she used to work in Dubai, when she was in class eight her mother came back and they started living together although they didn’t have a stable life.

After form four she started to hustle and was able to put up a hotel for her mother which was doing well, she met her husband who was working as a matatu driver and she got married but her marriage didn’t last for long.

Martha says that her husband was very violet and every time she would report him to her mother she would defend him and says that her son in law can not harm anyone not knowing they was something going on with between the two.

She Left and started to live on her on own, One day, she received a phone call from her mother telling her, her ex-husband was killing her. On going, he was in the house with a short and he asked Martha whether anyone has the right to ask what a husband and wife are fighting about.

The mother later apologized and promised to end the affair. Later on, Martha wanted to suprise her mom and she visited without telling her, to her shock she found the two making merry on the couch. She left crying and with so much pain. since then her relationship with her mom has not been the same again.

Martha says that she no longer trust anyone since the person she trusted most did the unthinkable to her.

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