Gar Warner, a US investigator, debunks the internet notion that Hushpuppi, a convicted Nigerian scam artist, scammed $400 million from prison.

Today, a story about Ramon Abbass a.k.a. Hushpuppi carrying out a $400 million fraud from the prison where he is being kept in the United States became viral on social media.

All claims pertaining to it, according to Gar Warner, are absolutely untrue, and the documents attached to the claim were the same as when he was arraigned two years ago.

The documents, according to Gar in a tweet, were doctored to support the claim while claiming that every piece was from the fraudster’s arraignment in 2020.

“People are asking me if it is true that #Hushpuppi laundered $400,000 in #Stimulus cards from in prison.
The document they show is an edit of a June 2020 Affidavit. The new version is fake, intended to get people to visit a scammer EIP website,” he wrote.

US Investigator debunks claim of Hushpuppi's $400M fraud while in prison

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