In our society, body shaming is extremely prevalent. Some people believe they are flawless, and as a result, they take delight in body shaming others. They are completely unconcerned with the emotional harm or sadness that others may experience as a result of their relentless body shaming.

It’ s quite upsetting to witness individuals body shaming one another. There are some people who don’ t take body shaming seriously at all, however. They don’ t give a damn about what other people think of them, honestly. In this piece, we will look at four celebrities that are comfortable in their own skin despite the fact that they are frequently body shamed.

These four celebrities don’ t give a damn about the incessant body bashing that they receive. Dorathy, Angel, Vee, and Eniola are the four celebrities on whom we will be concentrating our attention.

The four celebrities have put on a thick layer of skin to protect themselves from body shaming. They were subjected to body shaming, but they are now embracing their physical appearance. They are quite fond of their bodies.

They exude self- assurance and are a source of inspiration for others who are regularly subjected to body shaming. The following are profiles of the four celebrities.

Dorathy Bachor, One Of The Ex Housemates In The Season 5 Big Brother Naija Show

Dorathy Bachor is a former Big Brother housemate who has been subjected to a great deal of body shaming. She is teased about her body size, the size of her boobs, and the overall contour of her body. The reality television actress is one of those individuals who is unconcerned with what others think or say about her body.

Dorathy has developed a thick skin in order to protect herself from body shaming. In a lot of ways, Dorathy is an inspiration to folks who have been body shamed in one way or another. As you can see in the photos, she is really comfortable in her own skin.

She exudes a great deal of self- assurance. Dorathy feels pleased with the size and shape of her physique, which she attributes to God. She exudes grace and elegance as she moves around the world. She’ s a sweetheart of a lady.

Angel Smith, An Ex Housemate In The Big Brother Naija Show Season 6

Big Brother Naija shine your eye edition contestant, Angel Smith is a stunning lady. She has been subjected to body shaming both within and outside the house. People are dissatisfied with her chest’ s appearance. They feel that a girl beyond the age of 21 cannot have droopy boobs.

It’ s quite unfortunate that individuals are unable to recognize that everyone has a unique bodily system. Angel is still very young, but she is dealing with the continual body shaming in a mature manner. She adores her figure, and she conducts herself with grace and poise.

When it comes to body shaming, Angel appears to be completely unconcerned, flaunting her droopy boobs with all of her joy. She is in love with her figure and is unconcerned about what other people think of her. She exudes self- assurance and she is comfortable in her own skin.

Victoria Vee Oluwatobiloba, An Ex Big Brother Naija Housemate Who Is Widely known as ” Vee”

In the Lockdown edition, Vee was one of the housemates that was body shamed because she had droopy boobs, as well as the other housemates. Her narrative is quite similar to Angel’ s in many ways. People were baffled as to why she would have droopy boobs when she is in her twenties.

Some went so far as to compare it to a pair of slippers. It’ s strange to witness individuals acting in this manner. Some went so far as to call her a sl*t and shame her for it. The fact that certain people’ s mental health is at risk is not recognized by the public.

Body shaming is not something that everyone would take positively. As you can see in the photos, she is really comfortable in her own body.

Vee doesn’ t give a damn about what other people think of her boobs, to be honest. She carries herself with a sense of dignity and poise. She is quite self- assured and comfortable in her own skin.

Eniola Badmus, A Popular Nolllywood Actress

Eniola Badmus is a well- known actress in the Nigerian film industry. She has also been the target of her fair share of body shaming. Some people will always find a way to take advantage of her physical stature. The gorgeous plumpy Actress has developed a stick- like complexion.

She exudes self- assurance and is comfortable in her own skin. She is not only self- assured, but she is also quite trendy. She is aware of the clothing that is most appropriate for her body type. Eniola is having a good time in her life.

Celebrities such as Eniola are among those who have refused to give trolls and people who body shaming her a reason to celebrate their success. She is imposing, audacious, and self- assured. She possesses attractiveness, fashion sense, and sophistication.

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