Tonto Dikeh, an actress, has turned some heads by questioning why women claim it’s body shaming when a man says he doesn’t do overweight women, but women are free to declare they don’t do broke or short men.

Most women highlight their preferences in males, with some saying they don’t like broke guys and others saying they don’t like overweight men, which they consider acceptable but find insulting when a man says he doesn’t like fat women.

Tonto Dikeh does not understand why women see it that way asked why is it okay for a woman to say she doesn’t do broke guys or short men but when a man says he doesn’t do fat women then these ladies see it as body-shaming.

According to her, she’s asking for her son’s future as she wants to know why women find it insulting when men say they don’t do fat women so her son doesn’t do the same when he grows up and is ready to be with a woman.

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