After the earlier report of the unfortunate mishap suffered by some passengers on a bus, who were attacked by unknown gunmen, the driver of the vehicle has now spoken out on what happened to his passengers on the road.

It was learned earlier that six people, including some NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) members, were on their way to Lagos from Benue.

They were halted by kidnappers, close to Ochadamu Junction in the community of Ayangba in Kogi State. The bus had taken off from Gboko LGA in Benue.

Mr. Emmanuel Owoicho, the driver of the ill- fated vehicle, spoke on the ordeal suffered by his passengers. Before embarking on the journey, 13 passengers had boarded the bus.

At around 10: 00 in the morning, the journey began. Six hours later, after he drove through Ayingba, in Kogi, disaster struck. At first, two gunmen, out of nowhere, emerged and blocked them on a highway.

The gunmen opened fire on them. He thought of driving forward, but realized they would keep firing at the bus, so he chose to stop. But when he did, six other gunmen jumped out of the bushes. The attackers proceeded to rob the driver and his passengers of their valuables, including their phones and cash.

Owoicho recounts that the gunmen collected the sum of N42, 000 from him. Then the gunmen ordered them to get down on the ground. The gunmen’ s leader then told six of them, including a pregnant lady, to move into the bush.

After the ordeal, the driver got the passengers together, and they got to a naval checkpoint, where they narrated the incident. They got a vigilante officer and some others to come to the scene of the crime.

A search for the abductees was conducted for more than 30 minutes, but neither the kidnappers nor the kidnapped were found. So he got to a police station the following day to file a complaint, before returning with the remaining passengers to Gboko.

The kidnappers are currently trying to get money from the families of their victims, which includes a pregnant lady. The whereabouts of the abductees remain unknown.

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