Toolz, a well-known on-air personality, believes that men who are scared or turned off by a woman’s success are primitive.

This was expressed by the successful media figure in response to a video in which Hardly Initiated podcast producers Tysean Jackson and Ryan Catchings claimed that high-earning women are less attractive to males.

Phillip Karaya, a finance specialist, had been invited to speak to their audience about business.
Women who are successful in their careers, according to Catchings, are “less desirable.”

“I personally believe that men that are turned off by high earning/successful women give off little d energy,” Toolz remarked on her Instagram page in response to the video.

“However, what do I know?”

“…If as a man you don’t want the absolute best for your partner…which may involve a higher success than yours…then I don’t know what to tell you,” she continued on Instagram.

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