Stella Damasus
Stella Damasus

Stella Damasus, a Nollywood actress, is one of those actresses who you always remember and talk about, especially when old Nollywood is discussed.

Stella created a name for herself in the industry by starring in a variety of roles that earned her tens of thousands of followers.
She appeared in films such as Rattlesnake, Games Women Play, Dangerous Twins, Widow, and others.

Later in life, though, Stella chose to relocate to America, where she currently resides with her family in Atlanta.

People expected Stella to appear in a Hollywood film after she moved to America because she is such a famous celebrity in Nollywood, but that has yet to happen.

Stella finally revealed why she’s never been in a Hollywood film and why it’s so difficult for her to acquire roles as a Nigerian actor in an interview with Pulse TV.
Here’s what Stella had to say about it.

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It’s very hard. If you notice, most of the Nigerians that have done big-screen movies in Hollywood are people that were raised in England. Most of them have different types of accents. They are Nigerians from the UK. David Oyelowo, John Boyega, Leticia Wright, all of those people. Even other people from other African countries that have made it into the big screen movies, most of them came from the UK. So for us, let me use myself, for example, I’ve gone to meet certain agents and managers who have told me “Oh we’ll love to work with you but we will need to make sure that there are enough roles for someone like you”. I was like “What do you mean someone like me?” Then they said to me “we want an African to be very dark. That’s the kind of African that we are used to. We’re not used to your type of African. We want Lupita dark.” I was like ok. They said, “So you’re not dark enough and you’re not white, you’re not light enough to be half-cast so it’s hard to place you. You’re not mixed race. Then your accent. You don’t sound American. You don’t sound British. Neither do you sound African.” I’m like how do you think Africans sound? Because Africa is filled with a million and one countries and inside those countries, we have different dialects and different accents. They’re like “No. There’s a particular kind of accent that you must have.” So that’s why they force our people to put it on. We don’t talk like that. Maybe one or two small countries in East Africa but I’m Nigerian, there are Ghanaians, there are different people and we all sound different, but we don’t sound like this (caricature voice). They’re like “But that’s what Hollywood wants. That’s what they’re used to. They’re not used to people like you yet.” I’m like okay. We’ll do our thing. We’ll make our money. But then we have to come back home and say okay, this is where things are. This is where we’re known. This is where we’re appreciated. Na so we see am.

Stella says she now hopes to return to Nigeria at least three times a year, and she already has a lot of projects in the works to film here in Nigeria, where she is most liked.
Stella, it’s great to see you back in this market, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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