We all die but sometimes the tales of our passing can be so shocking that they may be forever carved in our collective memory.

Parents, guardians, teachers, students and the entire people of Ankaase in the Oti Region have been thrown into devastating news about the passing of six school pupils on their way from school.

Wailing and mourning at Ankaase, in Oti Region as six Pupils who were on their way home from school were hit and killed instantly by a vehicle.

The news reached the school and community as shocking and they could not hold their tears in crying. The school pupils cried uncontrollably as they watch their mates being put in the coffin and carried to the cemetery. They followed the crowd amidst crying and wailing while the elder ones console them.

Five of the pupils were buried in Oti Region .One has been sent to Saboba in the Northern Region for burial per family wishes.

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