Following a proclamation that he is not the father of his kid, Ifeanyi, singer Davido continues to spar with critics on Twitter.

A Twitter user previously claimed that Peruzzi is Ifeanyi’s biological father and denounced the boy’s appearance on Davido‘s ABT album cover.

In a recent event, a man thought to be a Wizkid fan took to Twitter to declare that if Davido’s followers attack Wizkid’s children, he and his men will attack Davido’s children as well.

He wrote:

“@davido call me … if your fans come at Wiz children, we come at yours … nor be everybody normal … that’s my pic , I nor dey make mouth … make your move … pikin wen blend yesterday nor fit follow me rake !!!”

Davido, who appears to be ready for anything, responded to the tweep by instructing him to drop his location and time in preparation for a hostile meeting.

Take a look at the following exchange below:

Davido Twitter troll location

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