Former beauty queen and actress, Munachi Abii, has shared a rather disturbing post on her Instagram page.

Munachi Abii shares

In the now-deleted post she shared on Thursday, December 23, the ‘Living in Bondage’ star said she is tired of doing this ‘earth thing’.

She wrote, “Not sure I can do this earth thing anymore. I’m tired.”

See below,

Munachi Abii shares

A while ago, Munachi Abii revealed that she is neither humble nor nice, in reaction to a fan’s compliment.
The fan had shared a photo of Muna on her Instagram story and lauded her for being one of the most humble Nigerian celebrities.

The star actress in award-winning movie, Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, appreciated the compliment, however, she noted that she is neither humble nor nice and does not want to be.

The 33-year-old model went on to describe herself as a simple person with a lot of self respect.

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