Nollywood is now in mourning after Yoruba actor Kunle Mac-Tokunbo aka Dejo Tunfulu was confirmed dead.

His son-in-law broke the news of his death on social media this morning.
Remember how the late Yoruba actor reportedly suffered unexpected bleeding on the set of his new film

However, the cause of Dejo Tunfulu’s death cannot be determined at this time.

Dejo, who was born in May 1969 and began his career in printing, began his film career in 1987 and quickly made a name for himself.

He has appeared in hundreds of Yorùbá films alongside colleagues such as Baba Suwe, Opebe, Latin, and many others, as well as producing some great and successful films such as Won n wami lame, Bomboy, Boda Ode, and many others.
The father of two grown-up daughters and a grandfather will be remembered for his unique comic role as an imbecile and chronic stammerer who always had something to say about anything.

Colleagues of the late actor have now taken to their social media pages to mourn him.

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