Nons Miraj, a popular content producer, retracts her remarks after returning to Nigeria days after complaining that London is boring.

In contrast to her country, the Instagram comedian took to Instagram to lament how the United Kingdom is too calm and orderly without drama.

Nons Miraj apologized for her remark just two days after returning to Nigeria, as she experienced the full-fledged heat of the dry season.

“I’m sorry, I was where there was cold, I said I wanted heat. This is like to-five and I’m sweating profusely; what happened? I want to go back to London. Nigeria is not for me! When I was there, I didn’t knew; nobody told me that Nigeria is hot like this. I opened my mouth and was talking jaga-jaga-jaga. It was like when I was there, I forgot how Nigeria was,” she said in part.

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