An old lady narrated that her two disabled sons promised to build a house for her, but she didn’t believe it at all. She disbelieved her sons because she knows they don’t have the money to build a house, so it is gonna be impossible for them to accomplish their promise to her. But later on, it all came to pass, her sons built a beautiful house for her and it was all by the grace of God.

The lady has two sons who are both disabled because of a sickness that has been holding them for years. Her sons named Abraham and Eric determined to build a house for their mother despite they are disabled and it will be very difficult to accomplish. They never planned to call people to help them build the house, they all wanted to do it all by themselves because they’d no money to pay their laborers.

They started the building and everyone was watching, no one believed they could complete the building project including their mother. She said she didn’t believe her sons could finish building the house. Her sons spent 12 years building the house, their story was shared online, then people decided to help them by contributing money to make sure the building project is completed.

So with the money people contributed, the house which they started 12 years ago was finally completed. Her sons were very excited because of the help people offered to them to complete the building. The lady said she couldn’t believe all that happened, God did wonderful work in the life of her sons and hers too. She didn’t believe her sons would ever be able to accomplish their promise to her.

She said even if she dies, she will be excited that her sons are living in a comfortable house. The lady is now living in a house she never dreamt of living in her life. They are now comfortable and very happy staying in their brand new and well-furnished house. Good is very good!

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