Walter recounts how his girlfriend poured hot oil on his body when she found him with another woman.

Walter and his girlfriend were planning to marry a few months before the incident. They started a small business to help them with their daily expenses. They began frying donuts in a nearby market.

The business began to thrive, and money started to pour in. As the money grew, so did the number of customers.

Walter claimed that the majority of his clients were ladies and young ladies, which irritated his girlfriend. She was always envious of the amount of attention Walter lavished on his female clients.

One day, while Walter was going about his normal business, a female friend approached him, and the two struck up a conversation.

Walter’s girlfriend became irritated when she saw them having a good time at the shop. She was so enraged that she poured the hot oil used to fry the donuts on Walter’s body.

She fled before the police arrived when she realized what she had done. Walter was taken to the hospital and was unconscious for several days before regaining consciousness.

When he awoke, he was astounded to see how badly his body had been scorched. On both his front and back, he had severely charred areas. He was lucky to be alive.

Walter was informed that his girlfriend had vanished since the incident. Walter spent a lot of money because he was in and out of the hospital for three years. He has vowed never to fall in love with a woman again in his life.

“After what my girlfriend did, I vowed that I would never be close to a woman again.” He said.

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