Pastor Teresiah has painfully narrated how her employer’s son forced her to abort his child after he severally raped her. Today she’s a barren and out of her marriage because she can’t bear children for her husband.
As a young girl, pastor Teresiah has been betrayed by the very people she trusted.

She was abused at 15 years by her employer’s son. Who constantly raped and abused her severally forced her to abort countless times. This has over time thrown her into an endless pit of alcoholism. The lady now says she feels like her life experiences were preparing her for a mission to encourage and inspire people with her story.

Teresiah claims she began working as a house help when she was 15 years old because her mother was unable to support for her and her siblings. Her father abandoned them while they were young, putting an end to their schooling and forcing them to work at an early age. She had to help her family and help train her junior ones as well, life was very hard for them as there was no one to help them.

Teresa was raped by her employers’ son, who threatened to kill her and take her life if she said anything he does to her to anyone. She became pregnant, and the son denied it; she was forced to have an abortion severally, he would rape her and ask her nothing to say word else he will kill her. She met a man who proposed to her and they got married, but they were unable to have children.

Teresiah says that she decided to open up to her husband, told him about her past, when she opened up about her life to her husband, he decided to leave her. She told him that she had an abortion at a young age and that this has left her unable to bear him children. She says that she has forgiven her former employer’s son.

Her husband chased her out and ended their marriage she has refused to remarry since she can’t bear children. Teresiah has now become a pastor and is ministering the word of God.

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