Embattled Nigerian Dancer, Korra Obidi and her estranged husband, Justin Dean had it out in a heated argument over the custody of their kids..

In what seemed like an escalated event, the duo in a video were seen exchanging words as they fight over who should be given custody of the kids.

The mother of two claimed Justin took the kids to his place on Monday and was supposed to bring them back later that day but did not until Thursday.

A friend of Korra’s also said the kids were unkept when he came back with them. In the video, Justin could be heard saying,

“Whoever has custody of the kids at the moment the divorce is final has custody of the kids until you go before the court, that is why I was getting a restraining order from Korra. My intention is to protect my children.”

In another post, he called her a slut, whore, and narcist, while Korra replied saying,

“You can’t call me that in front of my kids, leave this place.”

ustin retorted, saying:

“You are a f#cking whore, because you regret this children. I will call you a whore and slut in front of my kids until they are 18 years old”

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