A plus-size bridegroom embraced the groom while dancing to a tune performed by a band after their wedding. In a video that was shared online, the couple amazingly danced, flowing to the rhythm of the band irrespective of their body size.

The video stirred social media reactions – some took a swipe over the size of the man and his wife – who is figure eight, while others congratulated them. Loving someone entails putting aside all the shortcomings the person might possess, especially if he or she is a life partner.

There are many reasons people choose to marry one another, but above all love manifests.

A video of a young couple doing round the social media ignited debate online over their choice to marry one another. The video, shared via Instagram, showed the couple dancing to the tune of a live band performance after their wedding.

Some online users took a swipe over the husband, claiming that his body size makes him the only one recognised in the video.

Despite him being a plus-size man, the bridegroom danced amazingly as he embraced the bride. The bride, ‘figure-eight’, was happy dancing around her husband unashamed.

Those criticising the couple were reprimanded by other online users and told to mind their business , adding that people choose who they want to marry because of love.

Watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments sampled from the online discussion about the couple in the video:

@empressinteriors1 said:

“Happy married life sister, the lord is your strength.”

@benny_lee04 commented:

“They’re happily married.”


“As long as the wife is happy i am happy too.”

@officiallyirima said:

“Love Is a beautiful thing.”

@de_vibes_angel said:

“Awww love in the air.”

@styledbyfola reacted:

“What a beautiful couple.”

@cheerful_opy commented:

“Anyone I bring come home, please accept…… no maroundan out there.”

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