On Sunday, Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky appealed directly to Russians to take to the streets in protest against the Russia’ s invasion of his country else they will be faced with poverty and repression in no distant time.

It is understandable that the heavy sanctions meted out on Russia by Western countries can sink her into poverty; leaving Putin a poverty war to fight just like the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has fought for seven years.

In Zelensky’ s words: ” Citizens of Russia! For you, this is a struggle not only for peace in Ukraine! This is a fight for your country.

” If you keep silent now, only your poverty will speak for you later. And only repression will answer. ”

Although, thousands of people in Russia have been detained for protesting against the invasion of Ukraine or what the Russian authorities call a ” special military operation” that began on Feb 24, President Zelensky believes Russians can do better.

Russians are now bracing for an uncertain and isolated future after international sanctions plunged the economy into crisis and authorities cracked down on independent media and restricted access to Facebook and other social media sites.

Reacting to Zelensky appeal, @Mhel King wrote: ” Pls surrender for the sake of your people and your country, , ukraine is from russia not for the western countries. ”

@Festu Uwem: ” Many are calling on Zelensky to surrender for what? why should Zelensky surrender? is it Zelensky that started the fight or putin? so why should he (Zelensky) surrender? . ”

@Ltzky: ” In the meanwhile Russia has some info some Ukrainian fighter jets flying into Romania and other countries, may mean IT’ S OVER. The new puppet regime is coming soon! And Putin is laughing now while sitting in his bunker. Were you scared when Putin puts his nuke force on high alert? Then you should be scared kay mas labaw pa ani ang sunod. He is suicidal. “

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