Crossdresser James Brown has responded to a critic who asked if he is ashamed of dressed as a woman despite the fact that he is a guy, stating he lost his shame the day Nigeria accused him of being homosexual without proof.

We all remember how James Brown was arrested in Nigeria with a group of people suspected of being homosexuals and spent a month in prison before coming out; that incident appears to have influenced his life in so many ways that he’s now shameless.

A critic reacting to a photo of his asked whether he’s not ashamed to be behaving like a woman when he’s a man and James Brown replied to that by saying he lost his shame when Nigeria accused him of being a homosexual without any evidence.

According to him, this happened on August 27th, 2018 and he still went to prison for one month, because of that, he has lost his shame and now wants to do what he was accused of when he wasn’t when being accused.

Accusing people negatively without evidence sometimes molds them into something else and that seems to be the case of James Brown right now because he decided to cash out with cross-dressing after being accused of being a homosexual.

Screenshot below;

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