According to TV3’s report, Alhaji Ganiu reportedly rushed to the Zebilla Police station to report his own son 25 years Ganiu Gafaru. According to Alhaji, he will be a bad parent to watch his son kill someone’s daughter again for money rituals. He Can’t Watch it happen again because it’s evil.

Through the good parenting of Alhaji Ganiu, the Police got information about his son’s evil activities.

” If we have just two parents of your kind, there will be peace and justice in our community. This hardly happens. There are some parents who condone all the negative and evil actions of their children. God bless Alhaji Ganiu ” One social media user Flora Nuba reacted to the Patriotic action of Alhaji Ganiu.

This morning, TV3 reported that 25 years old Ganiu Gafaru has Murdered his girlfriend at Zebilla for money rituals purposes. He tied up her legs and hands and siphoned her blood. After that he broke her neck.

His Own father reportedly took him to the Police to demand justice for the Murdered innocent girl. You can click on the link below to watch the report.

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