60 years old lady known as Nyirabugesera Sumaya has narrated with Afrimax English how she’s been living her life since she was born into this world.

She said hardship hit her from the day she was born, the worst thing that happened to her was her mother’s death immediately she was born into this world. She disclosed that she’s been sleeping in the forest for 20 years.

According to the old lady, she said her mother died the same day she was born, and she was taken to an orphanage home where she lived till she grew up. She never knew who her mother and father were to date. She lived in the orphanage home for many years till when she became of age, then the orphanage told her to leave and hustle for herself.

She left the orphanage when she was already a youth. Everything was pretty hard for her after she left the orphanage, she didn’t know where to start with life. She had no choice but to start sleeping in the forest for the night, she sleeps in a public toilet when it rains. This story happened somewhere in a country in Africa, not Nigeria.

Life was very difficult for her, although she was able to get married it didn’t solve the problems she had. Her husband chased her from his house after she was unable to conceive (she’s a barren woman). She later started selling vegetables on a table and she uses them to keep her body and soul together.

According to her, she said sometimes while sleeping in the forests, madmen do attack her and molest her. She’s passed through a lot, no doubt about that at all.

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