I am a 51 year old man from Osun state. I have seen a lots of challenges that made me to attempt suicide twice.

In life if you are not careful, the devil will tempt you as if there is no tomorrow. So brace up to whatever challenge. If you don’t get angry the devil and your enemies will remain hungry feeding on your destiny..

In short,I am a very friendly and accommodating man regardless of age,religion,sex and social stratification. Despite my simplicity people around me always want my down fall. As a contractor mostly executing projects for federal and state government. I became rich beyond my expectations. Little did i know that there are those who surround me that were not happy with my financial status.

They connived with those who are mostly my closest friends to submit my name and picture in their herbalist alter for people to hate me. Government agencies, ministries and parastatas that usually gives me contract suddenly turned their back on me. I decided to lobby them to favour me , but the reverse was the case.

I became very poor and down casted and started selling my properties for survival. I went for prayers in different churches to know the sudden hatred. Infact, there were a lot of prophecies and sacrifices i carried out, but all proved to be negative.

I explained my situation to a co- contractor who introduced me to Dr Obiajuju Spiritual home.phone +2349128692817.Address No 8 Obiajuju road Mgbidi Oru west along owerri-Onitsha Exp way Imo state Nigeria. I booked appointment with him and paid him a visit the following day. The Spiritualist told me there are people very close to me that have conspired against me. He gave me a bottle of white gin together with some Spiritual materials. He also gave me instructions on how to administer them any time i want to go for a contract job.

Surprisingly, before i use the Spiritual materials for 3 days. I received a call from one of the ministries that the contract i processed for over three years is ready.i went there the following Monday and a multi- million naira contract was awarded to me with mobilisation. Just two weeks after one of the agency invited me to their office and awarded me another contract. Things began to turn around for my favour and i became better than before.

In case you suspect your business or work going down unexpectedly and you have try many places to revive it.why can’t you try Dr Obiajuju Spiritual home. I am not advertising but giving a testimony about a Spiritualist who save me from financial mess.

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