I am 53 years old man from Cross River State. I have a problem of quick ejaculation which is other wise known as premature ejaculation.

Before i got married to my wife this problem has caused a lots of damage to my relationship with those whom i proposed to marry. Many girls left me as a result of premature ejaculation. The most worrisome aspect of it is that some of them referred to me ” a one minute man. This is because i was unable to satisfy them to their fullest.

Any man who cannot perform to the satisfaction of his woman is called one minute man and the situation is an unpleasant condition that can do no good to the confidence of a man before his partner.

One minute man is a sexual problem capable of belittling a man before his wife. I suffered due to this embarrassing situation of my life. I seek for medical solution from one hospital to another because it became a threat to my marriage. Medical doctors told me it is caused by anxiety,guilt, depression and other psychological factors.

Surprisingly, they could not give me a permanent solution apart from palliatives that may result to side effect. Some of the Doctors said it is over- excitement that causes premature ejaculation when such opportunity of sexual activity arises.

While seeking for solution. I read from the social media about Dr Faraji Voodoo temple.phone 07019357444.Address No 5 Faraji street college road Mgbidi Oru west along owerri-Onitsha Exp way Imo state. The testimony of a man was so clear and i was galvanized to book appointment with the specialist.

As someone that is very anxious to cure this irritative sickness. I got to his spiritual home as early as possible and told him my problem. The Spiritualist laugh at me and i was wondering. infact Many things came to my mind, but he later gave me juice like drink and promised that i should go home and drink twice a day for 7 consecutive days. Thereafter premature ejaculation will completely disappear in my life.

Just like play, behold after drinking the juice and up till now my wife now praised me for been a man and the regular name of one minute man has been a thing of the past. She has changed the label to a complete man .

If you are suffering silently from such irritative condition. Try Dr Faraji Voodoo temple and see the different .i belt you your madam will equally praise you for been a good man she loves so much.

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