A homeless mum who is said to have a disability has sold her simple artwork to a kind collector who bought it for N207k instead of N2k. The woman identified as Cori has a child whom she supports with her art sold by the roadside and she said she is passing through difficulties

The video capturing the moment the work was bought by Isaiah Garza has attracted massive reactions on the internet with many offering to help her more. Instagram influencer, Isaiah Garza, has shared a heartwarming video of how he bought an artwork made by a homeless mother who sits by the roadside with her baby.

The woman identified as Cori is said to have a disability and is having some challenges paramount of which is shelter.

Her artistic skills to the rescue.
Cori has some artistic skills and she put them to use. She makes her drawings and sells them by the roadside where she was spotted by Isaiah who asked her to make a drawing for him.

She finished the drawing and said it costs N2k ($5). But instead of the low amount, the kind collector paid N207k ($500) for it.

The video capturing the nice act has warmed hearts online with some other kind people offering to do crowdfunding for the mother.

Watch the video below:

Social media users react

@celebratehandmadecrafts said:

“Thank you for supporting a child, a mother and an artist.”

@senpai_munozjona310 reacted:

“That gorgeous baby!!! Man this broke my fvcking heart man.”

@steph_1965 said:

“Can we create a go fund me for her? Please.”

@_alicatt commented:

“This is the one. Every mothers worst fear is not being enough for their child and potentially losing their baby. She will never forget you!!!”

6ix9ine gifts family N20m. In a related story, Edujandon.com reported that popular American rapper, 6ix9ine gifted a family the sum of N20m. He simply walked into their village and went to the house where they live and made the huge donation.

The nice video that captured the moment showed the rapper handing the huge cash to the family even as the mother hugged him passionately. The man of the house broke down in profuse tears as he hugged his children with emotions.

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