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Dammy Krane says African artistes extremely do their values a lot of harms by going over to the United States of America to seek international deals from the organizations existing over there.

He wrote; “As an African artist, the moment you step out for international deals, if they are supposed to give you $300million, you will be given $3million dollars because you went to them. the reason people like Fela gained from their international deals is because they came to him! See finish no dey, na u be superstar for your house.

“Going to make deals with them in the states only shows you want something from them, dey would sell u cheap … Nobody sabi u as superstar for Yankee, u go gas live lavish lifestyle to b noticed….Meanwhile, this labels know Africans have massive numbers worldwide, that’s what they are looking for.

“No need to concentrate on Yankee market! It’s all about Africa! No black man make it in America… Think about it “which black man has ever passed his wealth to his generation in America” dem go use scandal and taxes ruin am. The world to Africa”

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