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(COINEXPORTER) Many years back, cryptocurrency have been in existence in which only 1/4th of the world population know about it. Year 2020 , a year of pandemic in which everyone were Forced to stay inside , no going out to work, no means of making money, all you do is to stay indoors. People need to make money, so the pandemic year opens a financial breakthrough to a lot of online users. People start knowing what and what are available online which can *10 or *100 of whatever they are making . Cryptocurrency is one of the online investment that can multiply your money which can turn you to millionaire in Less than 6months.

You may actually be thinking of what cryptocurrency is, trying to know the meaning of this that everyone are talking about everywhere in 2021. Understand this; cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used to buy goods and services but uses online ledger with strong cryptography to secure online transactions.

I know you keep reading this article because you already known what cryptocurrency is all about, have this in mind also ; there are two major and common ways of making money in cryptocurrency which are 1. Trading and 2. Investment. That’s why this project “COINEXPORTER” is being brought to you.

The aim of COINEXPORTER is to help both early and non early cryptos, traders and investors. We are here to give you opportunity to access information critical to your investment decision.

All the time, you shuffle online asking Google search engine what coin to invest in and later on,you got depressed because of the huge loss you had in it. COINEXPORTER is ready to save you from stress and also save you from your big loss.

The team behind this so called “COINEXPORTER” are researched based crypto personalities who spare their time for researching crypto and take it as business for more than 9 years. Information are being disclosed from gurus and expert in cryptocurrency to COINEXPORTER. Our aim is to continuously updating the members on important news critical to general investment decision and availing them with and analysed insight into early Projects with potential in both short and long time basis.


Information will be sent to individual registered email addresses by answering few questions on our Google form. We sincerely take oath to protect your email provided for this activities from the third party.

Kindly click on the link provided below to follow us and get updated periodically and based on your needs.



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