The first wife of Kazim Adeoti, the husband of Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe, Funsho Adeoti has lost her cool with Kazim and his second wife after they ignored her first warning..

Earlier today, the first wife of Kazim Adeoti took to her Instagram story to issue a caveat to the second wife of Kazim Adeoti, Mercy Aigbe to stop sharing videos she makes from her house or face her wrath.

The first wife, Funsho has taken to her page to lambast Mercy Eke over her refusal to pull down the video she made earlier. The actions of Mercy Aigbe have infuriated the first wife who has descended on her.

Funsho Adeoti has disclosed that the house contains things she bought with her own money. She disclosed that the furnishing of the house, the artworks, the paintings, and the cooking utensils in the kitchen belong to her.

“Mercy it’s the audacity for me, like seriously, like I told you, you can have him, keep him do whatever the hell you want with him but one thing I will not let go of is my sweat. What I worked hard for. little girl, you’ve gat some nerve. How dare you think it’s okay to show off what I worked for on a daily basis and think I would be ok with it. Kazim Tame your dog. I warned you”.

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