Actress Chacha Eke in a video shared by Van Vicker was heard clarifying the situation to her husband after Van Vicker introduced her as his pregnant wife..

Van Vicker was on a movie set with Chacha and decided to catch a cruise with the situation hence addressing her husband Austin as he introduces Chacha as his pregnant wife, asking her husband Austin to deal with it.

We all know and could see it’s a movie but Chacha Ekeh decided to stress it and clarify things for her husband Austin telling him that she’s only the wife of Van Vicker in the movie and only pregnant for him in the movie as none of that is real.

We all know and can see that Van Vicker was just trying to catch cruise with the moment hence Chacha Ekeh clarified things weren’t necessary and that makes us wonder why she had to clarify something that is obviously not real.

Some netizens reacting to the video brought up Yul Edochie’s situation saying his relationship with his 2nd wife also started in a movie and that’s what seems to be happing between Chacha Ekeh and Van Vicker at the moment but you can see none of that is real.

video below;

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