A BRAVE Ukrainian soldier couple has tied the knot on the front line in Kyiv as Vitali Klitschko was pictured kissing the bride for good luck.

Territorial defence fighters Valeri and Lesya who have reportedly been together for over 20 years decided to have an improv wedding at a checkpoint of the city on the 11th day of fighting.

The improv wedding took place near Kyiv today.

The newlyweds were also greeted by the mayor Vitali Klitschko who visited the area today and congratulated the pair.

Sharing the heartwarming video on Twitter Klitschko said: “Today I greeted the soldiers of one of the battalions of the capital’s defense of the capital Lesya and Valeri.

“They have been living in a civil marriage for a long time, and now they have decided to get married.

“The ceremony took place next to one of the checkpoints. Life goes on!

“And we will protect the life of Kyiv, Kyivites, our state!”

The happy couple can be seen drinking champagne surrounded by their fellow soldiers.

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