According to a senior defence official, the United Kingdom has a ” direct channel” to Russia’ s war room in order to defuse tensions amid the Ukraine crisis- but it is ” not as strong” as officials would like.

UK Link To Russia’ s War Room Not So Strong

When asked about measures to ” de- escalate” the potential of a wider confrontation, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin stated that the link is being used for direct communications with Vladimir Putin’ s chief of the general staff, Valery Gerasimov.

” In the Ministry of Defence, we have a phone line that connects directly to the Moscow operational headquarters, ” said the official. ” That is put to the test on a daily basis, ” the commander of the armed forces stated.

In order to communicate with General Gerasimov about our need to speak, we used that line. I’ m waiting for him to get back to me. ” In addition to the United States, other countries have direct lines into the country, but these lines of communication are not nearly as powerful as we would like them to be. Hence our efforts to advance them to the greatest extent possible. ”

He was also noticeably more cautious about the possibility of nuclear war following the dismissal of Putin’ s warnings as ” rhetoric and brinkmanship” by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

” We have to be extremely cautious in the face of President Putin’ s threats, ” he said on the BBC’ s Ridge on Sunday show. The United Kingdom is capable of identifying ” warning indications” if a path towards nuclear escalation is being charted, according to the country’ s defense chief.

Putin And Zelenskyy In War Of Sanctions

The United States of America has now been warned against taking any action to aid Ukraine in the ongoing conflict, particularly by declaring a no- fly zone over the country’ s airspace in Ukraine. Immediately following, the United States of America issued threats that it would publicly reveal videotapes of anti- war protesters, a move that was regarded with disapproval by the Russian government.

According to the people who spoke with Zelenskyy, he expressed his support for a ban on Russian oil exports to the United States and informed senators that it would be extremely beneficial. According to another source who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the discussion, Zelensky also urged them to stop access to Visa and Mastercard credit cards in Russia, as well.

On Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for several hours in Moscow. It was confirmed by the office of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that Bennett had met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Kremlin. The meeting took place just days after Bennett had spoken on the phone with the President Ukraine.

A statement from Bennett’ s office stated he left for Moscow early Saturday morning, accompanied by Cabinet Minister Zeev Elkin, who was born in Ukraine but speaks Russian fluently. Both guys are orthodox Jews who would not typically travel on the Sabbath, but this was an exception.

Putin Is Suffering From A Disease

According to a Pentagon source, Russian President Vladimir Putin is suffering from ‘ terminal bowel cancer. ‘ This comes after he was photographed with a ‘ puffy face’ following Russia’ s invasion of Ukraine last year. Putin is reportedly ‘ dying in agony from terminal cancer’ and suffering from ‘ continuous discomfort, ‘ according to reliable sources.

According to intelligence reports from the Pentagon and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is seriously ill with ‘ terminal bowel cancer. ‘ According to intelligence reports from the Pentagon and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is dying in agony from terminal bowel cancer.

On the other hand, some believe his ” puffy face” is a sign that he is undergoing chemotherapy or steroids. According to US authorities, his unsmiling visage indicates that he is in continual suffering. He could have become more hostile as a result of this, or he could be assaulting Ukraine because he is aware that he is dying and wishes to leave a legacy.

According to an ex- military intelligence official who is now employed by the Pentagon, experts have been examining Putin, and believe he is in critical condition.

” In the past, we use to see him smiling, but there aren’ t many photographs of him smiling in 2022, ” the person explained.

President Putin authorized the invasion of Ukraine in February because ” his expression shows he is in pain, and our people believe his angry expression is most likely a result of him being in anguish. ” Our people are certain that he is ill— he appears to be anxious about Covid, as he maintains a safe distance from his employees. “

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