A woman called Akua Boahema is 30 years old from Offinso shares her heartbreaking story about what a pastor told her about giving birth to eight children but with different men. The woman said when she was 16 years old she always had an unusual dreams of sleeping with a man.

She went to church and a pastor told her she will give birth to eight children with different men but none of them will marry her for a longer period. She got married and gave birth to one child but the marriage ended in a sad state after two years. She didn’t offend her husband but he just divorced her. Later another man approached her and they fell in love, the two of them got married, she gave birth to her second child this marriage too lasted for four years.

She got married for the third time and has also given birth to another child. Boahema revealed that she is having problems in her marriage, she doesn’t have peace like how every marriage should be. She fell sick of a sudden she went to the hospital, the doctors did a thorough examination and found out she had hepatitis B and infections.

She went to another hospital to confirm what the doctors told her but they did not find anything wrong with her. Boahema then went to a fetish priest for help, she was given herbal medicine to drink but she is still not feeling well. She has lost weight drastically, the fetish priest told her what she is suffering from can be cured at the hospital.

Her children too are has been experiencing the same symptoms she also had. The woman’s husband said he too had unusual dreams after he got married to his wife. His performance in bed has reduced and he is going through a lot of difficulties in life but he don’t know the cause of those predicaments.

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