A middle aged man from Ifo Ogun state narrated his frustration with a rich land grabber who forcefully took over his two plots of land.

The retired civil servant and he bought the two plots of land when he was still in service. As his retirement was approaching he decided to do a foundational work of a 4 bed room flats.

So he went to the land with the brick layers to put up the structure. As the work was going on. A man drove in with a Jeep and started questioning him that the land belong to him. When the argument was going on between them. He called the police and within some minutes the police arrived and arrested him.

He called his lawyer to bail him and the matter was charged to court . The case was delivered in favour of the rich man . He became confused and decided to look for Spiritual solution as he didn’t have money to pursue the case any longer.

According to him he read a testimony of a man who was help to secure his land back from a land grabber in the social media called Dr Edward Solution temple.phone +2348038023229.whatsapp +2348088023229.Address No 4 Edward Street Mgbidi along Amorko village Oru west,Imo state, Nigeria.He contacted the Spiritualist and booked appointment with him.

He paid him a visit the following day and narrated his ordeal. The Spiritualist asked him to go back and bring some sounds in the land. He went back and brought the land to him. The Spiritualist gave him a specific instruction on how to apply the sound on the two plots of land. He did exactly what he was asked to do and ever since the rich land grabber left the two plots of land.

Unexpectedly the rich man drove to the site and apologized to me that the land was sold to him wrongly by someone who doesn’t know anything about the land. The man has been arrested for prosecution.

In case your land has been forcefully taken by any land grabber or you know anyone that has been inflicted with sickness. Do not hesitate to contact Dr Edward for a Spiritual solution. He is blessed by the ancestors to heal the sick and deliver the afflicted .

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