Sunmbo Adeoye, 2Face Idibia’s second baby mama, has been praised for not involved herself and her children in all of their turmoil like Pero does.

Annie Idibia looks to be insecure in her marriage due to the attitude of the 1st baby mom Pero, who is constantly interfering in their affairs and making things difficult for her, since most of her social media outbursts are about her.

After evaluating the scenario, a Twitter user praised Sunmbo Adeoye, 2Face Idibia’s second baby mama, saying that some people forget she has two sons with the iconic musician because she doesn’t participate in all of their conflicts like Pero.

Most people don’t even know Sunmbo, according to the Twitter user, and when he or she comes across her, they rarely remember she has two children for 2Face Idibia, and how she charted a different route and let God rewrite her tale is admirable.

Annie Idibia should thank God that Sunmbo became a Christian and married a pastor because if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have had peace in her marriage if she had followed Pero’s path, who is always intruding in their drama.

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