Singer 2face Idibia has reacted to his wife’s older brother Wisdom Macaulay calling her out and accusing her of introducing him to hard drugs.

On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, Wisdom Macaulay called Annie out on his Instagram page.

Annie, he claims, turned him into a slave and refused to pay him all of his dues during his time with the actress.

“Hello Nigerians, my name is Wisdom Macaulay, I am the elder brother of Annie Macaulay Idibia. I’m crying out for help at this moment because my life is been threatened. I have been working with my sister for some time but she would never pay me my dues,” he said.

“She would rather send me N20,000 or N30,000 turn me to her slave and she can decide when she is angry to end it. Some weeks back, her husband sent me some money that I have begging him for years.”
“The money wasn’t so much but I used it to settle my home. I have a wife from Imo State and I am yet to pay her bride price because I don’t have money.”
“Annie introduced me to drugs, hard drugs, Annie takes drugs, she is a drug addict, she takes it every day, she is so violent, she doesn’t have peace with anyone, she fights everybody.”

In response to this, Tubaba as he is fondly called, stated that sometimes, some family members are your worst enemies.

“Respect to family, but sometimes some family is your worst enemy.”.

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Annie, a mother of two children, accused her brother of being irresponsible.

Their feud reportedly began when she declined to make him her manager, a position she didn’t want.
She also claimed that she has been responsible for his family’s upkeep for a long time.

The actress claimed that her brother had vowed to kill himself on multiple occasions for petty reasons.

She finally told him to stop acting entitled to money and to stop bothering her family.

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